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(The short of it is this: Find who’s getting press in your industry, and see if you can land it too).The idea of updating infrequently is new to most people, which means you may do it wrong. When you take this approach, you’ve got to make sure your blog is geared towards converting visitors into readers. If you go the “old route” of promoting social media profiles and RSS feeds, the exposure will be pointless.Even if you’re not a blogger but are using content marketing to land more web design clients, this article is well worth a read. Using less energy than it would take to produce a completely new blog post, you can update your old posts and help them earn even more traffic, social media shares, and maybe even more money.

This is why it’s curious to me that many SEO-focused and SEO-savvy folks don’t have a methodology for updating old blog posts.

If you’re not driving traffic to your old blog posts, you are slashing your ROI dramatically.

It doesn’t make sense to spend lots of hours or hundreds of dollars creating a new blog post and then letting it die, once it rolls off your front page.

Think about it this way: If a new visitor stumbles upon your latest blog post and likes it, they haven’t seen the other 99% of your blog posts.

Assuming they’re good posts, of course they would like them.


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