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Situational factors, a “one-off” or even a false accusation can result in monitoring by these programs that encourage confidential referral for things such as being behind on medical charts. Moreover, the authority bestowed on this group is both illegitimate and irrational.

The mechanics and mentality of the Federation of State Physician Health Programs conforms to that of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Strangely, the clinical director ( an RN, and likely recovering addict) told my husband that no internal review of my son’s case was planned.

Those being monitored by them are subject to bullying, abuse and forced 12-step indoctrination under threat of loss of licensure.

Many of these doctors do not even have an addiction or substance use disorder.

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Bishop Charlie writes, “We are very grateful for all Claus’ work getting this committee established and setting direction on this vital ministry priority over these past two years, as well as for his passion for Christ’s Mission in the world.

Today’s resolution suggests that you “Kiss in the morning, kiss at night.” If kissing isn’t appropriate in your situation, you might substitute a hug, or make other efforts to show a bit more physical affection than you might otherwise do. If you tried it, did it come naturally, or did it feel forced? We can all learn from each other, so please post your experiences with the resolution in the comments below.

Dubliner Jason Kennedy (45) was captured on footage putting the USB keys in his pocket when the garda questioning him stepped out of the interview room to speak to a colleague.

It is a culture of institutional injustice that is preventing doctors from seeking help for fear of being ensnared and monitored by them.

Taken over by the “impaired physician” movement the current manifestation is one of absolute power and unrestrained managerial authority with no meaningful oversight, regulation or accountability.


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