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“Maybe we can meet Rod again.” “Oh, fuck you,” Rodney griped. ” “I heard he was nice,” Sam said as Vala edged ahead and was helped from the end of the shaft by Teal’c who had insisted on taking point. “And that he had excellent back swing.” “It was a thing of beauty,” John admitted and sighed.

Forscher der Universität Basel haben einen Test entwickelt, mit dem sich die Diagnose eines seltenen und schweren Immundefekts, der veno-okklusiven Erkrankung der Leber mit Immundefekt, schnell und zuverlässig stellen lässt.There had been a time when he would have given anything for his best friend to turn to him and return the foolish, inappropriate love he himself harbored.He thinks he’s moved on but what happens when he turns to John and sees everything he’d ever wanted just waiting for him?Banner by Chestnut Nola " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" id="longdesc-return-9894" class="wp-image-9894" tabindex="-1" src=" width="867" height="431" longdesc="longdesc=9894&referrer=3851" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 867px) 100vw, 867px" / Title: Emotional Clockwork Author: Keira Marcos Fandom: SGA Genre: Romance, First Time, Humor, Minor Angst, Major Snark Pairing: Mc Kay/Sheppard — mentions of previous partners, sex with others, and multiple other pairings Rated: NC-17 (for language and sex) Word Count: 35,700 Betas: Ladyholder & Chris King Summary: At thirty-seven, John Sheppard came to the unfortunate and completely fucked up conclusion that he was in love with Rodney Mc Kay.Jonathan Glassner (saisons 1–3) Brad Wright (saisons 1–10) Robert C.


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