Updating backrow on a mac

This was huge news—and probably the most exciting news of WWDC for those who love their Apple TV.

Amazon and Apple had been locked in a ridiculous battle over the Apple TV “not supporting” Amazon Video, or something.

There are also a number of awesome improvements to watch OS, the operating system on the Apple Watch, and well as mac OS High Sierra, the latest operating system for the Mac. You’ll be forgiven for not knowing this considering this OS gets the least love out of them all.

I’m of course talking about tv OS, the operating system that powers Apple’s fourth generation Apple TV.

We also cover how to update your Mac with the more minor updates to the operating system that Apple issues throughout the year at the bottom of this article.

If it's just an update to the current version of the Mac OS you need to install jump to this section: Install an update to Mac OS If you want to know how to update your apps on your Mac, read this: How to update all your Mac apps.

The US technology company also claims the update "improves the security of your i Phone or i Pad".Apple issues a major update to its Mac operating system once a year, previewing it at WWDC in June, and issuing the final version in September, usually.During the months from June to September the company will issue beta versions of the next version of the operating system software.And if it does, expect to see a lot more features coming to your Apple TV.Okay, this isn’t technically a feature of tv OS 11, but at WWDC Apple announced Amazon Prime Video will finally have an app for the Apple TV.For Mac Book Pro owners experiencing this inconsistency, today’s software updates will hopefully come as an added bonus.


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